Flights: Plane couple horrify as they both remove this mid-flight in ‘nasty’ photo

Flights bring travellers into close proximity with fellow passengers. Consequently, if someone does something unpleasant it can easily affect those around them. Unfortunately, not everyone considers how their actions will impact others.


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Two people have caused alarm with their mid-flight deeds.

A photo of the pair went viral after being posted to Instagram account passengershaming.

It shows two men sitting in their plane seats at the front of the cabin.

Both appear to be napping during the journey.

What’s more, they’re also very much profiting from the space afforded them.

Because their seats are at the front, their TV screens are on the wall rather than the back of a seat.

The men have opted to make the most of this surface.

The duo have placed their feet directly onto the television panel.

To make matters even worse, both have removed their socks.

This means it’s their bare flesh which is pressed up against the plastic.

This is a surface that other plane passengers touch with their hands as they navigate the TV.

However, it would seem the men have not thought about this.


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Their feet are firmly in position on the wall as they sleep.

Instagram users have been horrified but the snap which looks to have been taken by someone the other side of the aircraft aisle.

People were quick to share their opinions on the spectacle.

Most viewers were disgusted by the image.

“Disgusting and so rude,” one wrote.

“Like I really want to smell those stinky feet for 6 hours! Ugh!” another said.

A third commented: “Nasty! Look where they have propped those hobbit feet!”

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