Flights: When can UK fly to USA?

All holidays seem to be cancelled for now, with the threat of national quarantine creeping nearer and nearer. But what if you have a trip booked to the USA? Can the UK fly to the USA?

The exceptional travel advisory notice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office warns against all but essential international travel from Britain because of the coronavirus outbreak.

On travelling to the USA, the FCO website says: “The FCO advise against all but essential travel to the whole country.”

It adds: “Those who are permitted entry to the USA from the UK (or Ireland) will be advised to self-isolate.”

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Have the USA banned UK nationals from entering the country?

On Monday the USA extended their European coronavirus travel ban to include the UK and Republic or Ireland.

President Trump has suspended most flights from Europe to the US for 30 days in order to fight the spread of the virus in the States.

The ban was met with confrontation in the EU, with leaders claiming that Trump made the decision “without consultation”.

Will I still be able to fly to the USA despite the ban?

The ban will see the cancellation of all flights to the USA – including flights from the likes of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

No one who has been in the UK in the last 14 days will be allowed into the USA.

US citizens who have been in the UK in the last two weeks will still be allowed in, but only through one of 13 airports.

Permanent residents of the USA and their close family members, as well as other limited categories of visa holders are exempt from the ban.

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What do I do if I am already in the USA?

British travellers still in the USA are allowed to return home.

Flights will be much less frequent, though.

When will I be able to fly to the USA?

If you do not fit the exemption category then you will not currently be able to enter the USA.

This ban is set to last for 30 days

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