Forget First Class – Etihad’s A380 has a three-room apartment with a butler

First Class already seems lavish with its flat beds, spacious rooms and extensive fancy dining menus – but Etihad's A380 offering puts all swanky cabins to shame.

That's because the airline's aircraft is home to The Residence. Instead of a roomy seat, it offers up a three-room apartment, for up to two guests.

We're talking a bedroom complete with a spacious bed and wardrobe, an ensuite bathroom with a fully functioning shower, and of course a living area where you can stretch out, watch your favourite shows and tuck into some delicious meals.

Oh, and don't worry about having to flag down a busy flight attendant; passengers even get access to a butler.

No wonder it's hailed as one of the world's coolest flight experiences .

Each of the three rooms makes for a seriously glamorous in-flight experience.

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For a start, there's the living area. Here you'll find a drinks cabinet with chilled refreshments (staying hydrated is important during a flight, after all), and a sofa-style leather seat with heap of leg room.

No need to watch the in-flight entertainment on the seat in front of you; The Residence comes with its own flat screen TV.

As for making do with a teeny tray table? No need – there are plenty of surfaces where you can rest your items, not to mention your food is brought to you on a spacious tray (complete with a tablecloth and proper cutlery, of course).

If you're getting a bit tired during a long-haul flight, no need to use some easy hacks for getting to sleep in-flight – instead, you can head over to the separate bedroom where the double bed and its soft bedding await.

Thinking you deserve a treat? You can ask your butler to serve you breakfast in bed.

Want to watch some TV in bed? Don't worry – there's a screen in the bedroom too.

Of course, anyone who's been on a flight will know that after hours of flying you can feel a bit grim – but luckily, The Residence has an ensuite bathroom complete with a fully-working shower so you can freshen up before landing.

Oh, and obviously this includes luxurious products and soft bathrobes.

The luxury isn't just for when you're on board either. Guests who are staying in The Residence will also get heaps of perks including a VIP Travel Concierge, and a chauffeur-driven limousine to take you to a private airport lounge.

Of course First Class and above isn't exactly a feasible travel option for us average joes – but the good news is that even if you're flying in economy, there are some in-flight extras you can ask for that could help add a touch of luxury to your journey.

It's not quite the same – but hey, it makes a bit of a difference!

If you do want to book The Residence, you can find out more on the Etihad Airways website .

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