France’s most haunted châteaux you can visit with reports of ghost sightings

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    Halloween is almost upon us and spooky season is in full swing.

    If you’re tired of watching scary films like Hocus Pocus and sipping on pumpkin spice lattes, you might be ready for an altogether more ghoulish adventure.

    You can celebrate the most horrifying time of the year ghost-hunting at some of the most haunted buildings in the world.

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    Where better to give yourself a fright than some of France’s haunted chateaus?

    You wouldn’t be alone in looking across the channel for a frightful weekend away – as Google searches for “ France in October” are experiencing the highest search volume since 2010.

    UK searches for “where to go on Halloween ” have also hit a five year high showing that many holidaymakers are looking for a spooky trip.

    While France doesn’t celebrate Halloween with pumpkins and sweets it does have an abundance of supernatural castles…

    So, for anyone on the lookout for supernatural sites to visit whilst in France on 31st October, French Waterways, a specialist inland boating holiday provider and country expert, has rounded up the most haunted destinations to visit this Halloween.

    After all, what better way to celebrate the scare season than by floating from one haunted château to the next along the winding waterways of France?

    Most Haunted Places to Visit in France this Halloween

    Château d'Ancy-le-Franc

    As a renaissance masterpiece upon 123 acres of parkland, Château d'Ancy-le-Franc is a dramatic sight.

    Yet, the most striking aspect of this Burgundy chateau is its haunting atmosphere.

    Château d'Ancy-le-Franc is said to be haunted by the famous mistress of King Henry, Diane de Poitiers, who once had an apartment here.

    As her final residence, it is said that she still roams the countless rooms in the château.

    Visit Château d'Ancy-le-Franc while cruising aboard luxury hotel barge Belle Epoque on the Canal de Bourgogne.

    Palace of Versailles

    The Palace of Versailles is a World Heritage Site and an iconic piece of Baroque architecture.

    However, in 1789 the palace was the royal residence of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI during the French Revolution.

    The royals were captured, imprisoned and executed on the property.

    So, perhaps it is unsurprising that their ghosts continue to linger and haunt the area.

    Marie has been spotted roaming the gardens and private quarters, while Louis is said to have been seen throughout the estate.

    Explore the Palace of Versailles as part of a Seine river cruise itinerary.

    Château de Châteaubriant, Loire Atlantique

    Just an hour’s drive from the town of Angers will take you to the Château de Châteaubriant.

    King Francois I’s mistress, Francoise de Foix, was sequestered and later murdered here by her jealous husband, Jean de Laval.

    Every year on the anniversary of her death, at midnight on October 16th, it is said that a procession of knights and monks appears, following the spirits of Françoise de Foix, Jean de Laval and King Francis before disappearing at the last stroke of the clock.

    However, the château maintains an air of ghostliness year-round.

    While wandering around the site you’ll come across the ‘Chambre doree’, where it is reported that Françoise de Foix was murdered and a supernatural air remains.

    Investigate the château de Châteaubriant on a Loire river cruise.

    Le Château de Veauce

    In the tiniest village in Allier, you will find Le Château de Veauce.

    Legend has it that in the sixteenth century, the lady of the château, Jacqueline de la Fayette, suspected that her husband, the Baron of Veauce, Guy de Dallion, was having an affair with a maid by the name of Lucie.

    In revenge, Jacqueline locked Lucie in a tower when her husband went off to war, leaving her to starve to death in the freezing tower.

    Nowadays, it is said that Lucie’s ghost regularly returns to haunt the corridors of the castle at midnight.

    Check out Le Château de Veauce during a hire boating a holiday along the Canal de Briare.

    Château de Brissac

    Château de Brissac lies just south of the city of Angers in the Loire River Valley.

    Along with being the tallest castle in France, the property is said to have a resident ghost by the name of The Green Lady or La Dame Verte.

    The château was once home to Charlotte de Brézé, the illegitimate daughter of King Charles VII, and her husband, Jacques de Breze.

    However, the pair were not in love and Charlotte soon found comfort in the company of her huntsman.

    After being informed of the affair, Jacques went and caught them in the act, murdering them both in a flit of rage.

    Nowadays, many people claim to have seen Charlotte, also known as La Dame Verte, in the tower room of the chapel in her green dress.

    Pay a visit to Château de Brissac on a Loire River cruise.

    More information on exploring the haunting canals and riverways of France can be found


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