Globetrotting Kids Are Changing the Way Families Travel

The 2020 Virtuoso Family Travel Community survey has revealed that today’s parents are raising sophisticated global citizens who are well-traveled and influential in family travel planning.

Virtuoso’s results revealed that authenticity tops the list of emergent trends, with children driving travel decisions in second place. It is not surprising that active experiences are one of the number-one choices for traveling families or that parents are traveling with younger children.

The top family destinations are Italy, Hawaii, England, Costa Rica and France—all traditional favorites. However, more off-the-beaten-path locales are on the rise. Croatia, Belize, Kenya, Morocco and Antarctica are all growing in popularity with families.

The number-one trend for families continues to be multigenerational travel, followed by classed beach resort vacations that combine the relaxation parents are looking for with activities that appeal to this active age group. Celebration travel and experiential travel round out the list of the top-five top trends.

Emerging trends in the family market include authentic vacations, travel decisions led by young globetrotters, eye-popping amenities for kids, off-the-beaten-path destinations and “skip-gen” travelers—grandchildren traveling with grandparents.

What are families looking for when they travel? The top family actives include active experiences, relaxing by the beach or poolside, taking classes or lessons, wildlife viewing/interactions and exploring local culture and cuisine.

Generation-Z is also having a greater impact on travel trends. Virtuso’s survey shows that they involve themselves in vacation planning, tend to book culturally immersive experiences, look for visual trips for social media purposes, are influencers for others through their social media channels and enjoy personalizing travel to their interests.

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