Google Maps: Man with gun caught by Street View in unbelievable sighting at petrol station

Google Maps Street View is an online mapping service owned by the search engine Google that helps people navigate around the world. It can be used to figure out where you are, how to travel to certain destinations and how long it will take you on different modes of transport. Google Maps also allows users to search the globe through satellite images, street maps and panoramic views of streets.


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The tool is also great for looking at famous destinations around the world, including monuments.

But more recently, the tool has been used to spot some strange occurrences.

Users began taking screen shots and posting links to sights on social media.

The phenomenon has taken off, leading to some hilarious, strange and incriminating posts online.

Sometimes the most bizarre scenes go viral, catapulting the user to fame.

And this could definitely be the case for one user who spotted a rather odd street sighting.

The scene takes place at a petrol station in Oslo, Norway.

From afar, it looks like a normal street scene with cars and people waiting to fill up their cars with petrol and diesel.

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But as you zoom in on the sight, a man wearing head-to-toe khaki can be seen wielding a huge gun.

Other people at the petrol station are seen staring at the man in disbelief as the Google car drives past.

Further down the road and the Google Street View camera has taken another snap of the same man.

This time, he has his arms in the air along with the gun, appearing to be cheering while stood by the open boot of a silver car.

Another man wearing khaki can be seen walking towards him.

It is not clear why the man is carrying a gun but the most likely explanation is that he is a member of the Norwegian Armed Forces or the Home Guard.

The unbelievable sight was spotted by a Reddit user.

They captioned the post: “In the suburbs of Oslo, Norway.”

It comes as Google Maps Street View captured one man in a rather embarrassing position.

The man in the photo appears to have been snapped just as he relieves himself by the side of the road.

Fortunately, he has turned away so his privacy is retained.

It would seem he had been driving when he was caught short.

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