Google Maps: Shocking moment man bares all on Street View – what is he doing?

Google Maps Street View is incredibly useful for finding locations around the world or sourcing directions to the local shops. It’s also a great source of entertainment, from the hilarious to the shocking.


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Some users exclusively use the tool to find some of the most weird and wonderful sights in the world.

From dogs driving cars, to people pulling rude gestures, the Street View lens has seen it all.

In fact, some very eye-opening sights have been captured by Street View over the years.

Often, it’s the most outrageous views that go viral which sometimes catapult the user to their five minutes of fame.

And this could be the case for one man who was spotted baring all in a shocking pose on Google Maps.

The man is seen skating along East Mifflin Street in Madison, Wisconsin.

The man was spotted wearing brown shorts, flip flops and a brown-grey t-shirt.

Although his face is blurred, the camera has captured the man’s red hair.

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This may all seem innocent enough but it’s his stance that’s the most shocking.

While skating along the road, the man has pulled up his t-shirt exposing his bare chest, stomach and nipples to the world on Street View.

The disturbing sight was spotted by a Reddit user who captioned the picture: “East side of Madison, WI. Never change.”

The post was inundated with comments from users who found the photo amusing.

One user said: “Flip flops on skateboard. Pale man showing his belly.

“This man is the heart of Wisconsin.”

Another said: “Mifflin street has quite the marketshare on shenanigans.”

One user even revealed that they know the mystery man on the skateboard.

They commented: “I know this kid.

“I live just down the road from this intersection.

“I’m not surprised he’d do something like this. I’m so proud of him…”

While another replied: “How is this even a surprise?? I love Madison!”

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