Greece: Britons left angry as holidays are cancelled – here’s where they’re going instead

Thousands of holidaymakers were left frustrated and angry after they were given under 48 hours to return to the UK in order to avoid quarantine rules. The quarantine measures came into place at 4am this morning, with Transport Secretary Grant Shapps making the announcement on Monday afternoon. The Greek islands added to the quarantine list were Zakynthos (Zante), Santorini, Crete, Lesvos, Serifos, Mykonos and Tinos.

Following the announcement, flight prices back to the UK skyrocketed.

Yesterday, the only direct flight available from Santorini to Heathrow was listed on Skyscanner for £417.

Another direct flight from Crete Chania to Heathrow was listed for £387.

It was thought that more than 60,000 Britons were on the islands when they were added to the quarantine list.

The move has left Britons fuming after thousands rushed home to avoid quarantine.

Holidaymakers took to Twitter to express their anger at the situation.

One user said: “The @GOVUK are a joke. Crete had 4 cases yesterday.

“The UK has nearly 3,000. And we have to quarantine on the way home. Makes no sense.”

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Another said: “Here in Eastern Crete there has been a mass exodus of (presumably) working Brits to try to get home by 4pm today so that they do not have to quarantine.

“All flights were quickly booked and of course all flight prices quickly went up to double and triple. I’m still here.”

Another said: “Nearly 2 hours on the phone trying to change our flights to Crete next year. Same destination, same time of year, same seats. £167 extra.”

With many holiday resorts on Greek islands now effectively off limits to Britons, holidaymakers are choosing different destinations.

A public Facebook page called “Greek Islands” that has over 110,000 members, has seen posts from holidaymakers asking where they should go on holiday in Greece instead.

One user posted: “Looks like our Crete adventure isn’t going to happen, so thinking about Kos, as an alternative, anyone any thoughts about Kos?”

Another asked: “Kos or Rhodes? Which one would people suggest?”

However, many of the keen holidaymakers suggested other island destinations that are not included on the quarantine list.

One user commented: “Corfu is also a beautiful island.”

Another said: “Nice, small and full of archeological sites…. don’t miss Nisyros island.”

Another replied: “Look at Skiathos or Kefalonia.”

“Try Kefalonia! I’m here and it’s amazing! And no Covid problems…”, another said.

Another said: “Kos town is amazing we love it and island hop from there.”

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