Hand luggage: Holidaymakers must follow this key rule when travelling with hand sanitiser

Hand luggage policies vary far and wide depending on the airline, however, there is one key rule which all holidaymakers must follow regardless of their chosen carrier. However, with travellers being advised to use hand sanitiser frequently when jetting off, this universal rule could see some people being caught out at the airport.


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Since August 2006, a ban on carrying certain amounts of liquid in hand luggage has been in place.

When passing through airport security, holidaymakers can only carry small containers of liquid carrying no more than 100ml.

Yet with tourists hoping to take enough hand sanitiser supplies away on their holidays, it could see them having the vital gel confiscated if it exceeds the amount.

Instead, travellers are advised to only carry one bottle of hand sanitiser measuring 100ml or less in their hand luggage.

“Airlines have strict rules on the amount of liquids allowed in hand luggage. Where possible you should carry liquids in your checked-in luggage,” Myles Quee, a travel expert at Send My Bag, told Express.co.uk.

Holidaymakers jetting off on long-haul travel are advised to pack a larger bottle of the cleaning gel in their checked luggage.

However, for those flying with hand luggage only, they may be concerned about how to transport enough supplies without breaking the liquid rule.

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Luckily, travel pro Simon Calder offered a solution based on his recent airport experiences.

“Actually, although almost nothing is open airside, whichever airport you’re at, if there is a well known high street chemist [there], that will be open and it will be able to sell you more if yours gets confiscated,” said Mr Calder.

“The 100ml rule has applied for the last fourteen years,” he said.

“You can get plenty of sanitisers, I have got them, in 100ml sizes.”


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Mr Calder added: “It is just a matter of planning if you are expecting to be told what to do.”

Quee echoes this sentiment, advising travellers to read up on their specific airline’s guidance before they head to the airport.

“Always check the airline’s luggage restrictions before leaving for the airport, and make sure hand luggage complies,” he warned.

Many airlines are also asking passengers to ensure they have their own face mask or covering when flying.

While some airlines are accepting “face coverings”, others are more specific and ask for a particular type of mask.

For example, Jet2 set out its own particular guidelines with regards to the correct type of mask to wear when onboard.

It’s updated passenger rules explain: “Face masks need to cover your mouth and nose and should be either a protective or medical-style mask, or a fitted face covering.

“Coverings such as scarves, snoods, balaclavas or any similar items aren’t acceptable for travel.”

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