Hand luggage: Pack your clothes like this to beat easyJet and Ryanair rules

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Flights come with a plethora of restrictions these days. Budget airlines such as Ryanair and easyJet are particularly strict when it comes to hand luggage. Both carriers only allow a small amount into the cabin for free.

Therefore it’s vital jet-setters are savvy when packing.

Luckily there are all sorts of tips and tricks to put to use to help passengers save space in their bags.

Packing expert Julia Hudson, author of The Epic Adventurer travel guide, recommends vertical packing.

This is a folding technique one can use with such items of clothes as tops, trousers and shorts.

First, take the item and lie it face down.

You then fold the arms or legs inwards.

Next, fold the item in half again.

It should look like a long, narrow rectangle.

Fold this in half lengthways to make a rectangle which is about the same width of your suitcase.

Folding thus, clothes can be stacked up on top of each other.

However, rather than putting the pile flat into the bag, place them sideways.

Press the items tightly towards the side of the case to create a neat row.

Packing in this way will make clothes more compact.

It will as save space so you’ll be able to squeeze more items in.

“Vertical packing will transform the way you pack,” Hudson told MailOnline.

“It’s especially good for linen trousers or shirts that wrinkle easily, as they’re held rigid.”

Holidaymakers should also try to not overpack.

Many people often overpack with underwear – realistically you only need one pair of pants per day.

As for shoes – you don’t need to take your whole collection – just three different types will suffice.

Wear the biggest pair for travelling in to save space.

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