Holidays 2020: When can we go on holiday again? Expert reveals latest update

Holidays 2020 are in a sorry state due to the current coronavirus crisis. Britons are only allowed to take ‘essential’ travel, leaving the vast majority of people confined to their homes. Last night, Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation about moving forwards.


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Johnson announced people will be permitted to take unlimited outdoor exercise, sunbathe in parks and drive to the countryside or the beach from this Wednesday.

Golf courses and tennis courts will also be allowed to reopen for members of households to play together and anglers will be allowed to return to the riverbanks.

And in further stages in his plan, schools and shops could begin reopening next month with restaurants and cafes with outdoor dining spaces to follow in July.

The Prime Minister did not make any reference to when Britons could travel abroad again but he did confirm that anyone arriving into the UK by air would soon be required to quarantine for 14 days, in the latest travel advice.

Travel expert Simon Calder appeared on ITV’s This Morning today to explain what the latest updates mean for travellers.

He was asked when Britons will be able to go abroad again.

Unfortunately, Calder said there is simply no way of knowing.

“Nobody knows,” he told presenters Phillip Scofield and Holly Willoughby.

“I mean clearly things are loosening up a little, and frankly, I mean, my passport has never seen so little action – I can’t wait to get abroad.”

The expert pointed out the benefits of travel.

“And it seems, you know, an awful thing maybe to be talking of holidays when there’s still so much tragedy here but genuinely travel makes people feel better,” said Calder.

“And so, I simply don’t know, once we have established what the quarantine rules are at least we will be able to understand what the possibilities are.”


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Last night, Johnson was explicit that quarantine would apply to “people coming into this country by air.”

Consequently, there is speculation that France could provide a way for British travellers to get around the two-week quarantine via travel on Eurostar or through the Eurotunnel.

“France might welcome us back in from July, let’s see,” said Calder.

Calder also examined what will happen to the cost of UK holidays in light of the latest news.

He said that the boss of UK hospitality told him then the UK is going to be “losing £30billion as a country here because of the quarantine rule.”

“I’ve talked to the boss of Visit Cornwall as well,” Calder continued. “He says that ‘We’re 50-80 percent sold, we simply don’t know what social distancing rules will be in place.

“‘So, actually, we’d much rather you didn’t come here in July in August, why don’t you set up a break of September?’”

The expert concluded: “You can expect with so much demand for domestic holidays, prices will go through the roof and availability will be really tight.”

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