Holidays: How to best book a last-minute break for when lockdown is over

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Holidays have faced a real rollercoaster ride in 2020, with plans being dashed left, right and centre. With travel rules chopping and changing, booking last minute is one of the savviest ways to book a holiday in the current climate. But what’s the best way to book such a getaway? spoke exclusively to Matt Fox, founder of last-minute holiday provider, Snaptrip for his travel advice.

“At Snaptrip we have seen a significant increase in last-minute bookings,” said Fox.

“Our data shows that 56 percent of bookings made prior to lockdown were made within 30 days of check-in date and 81 percent of bookings were made within two months of check-in date.

“Booking a trip last-minute means you can avoid any disappointment, save money, and still travel to your desired destination.”

If you’re worried about missing out if you leave it till the last minute, consider being flexible with your dates.

“With so many of us working flexibly, mid-week staycations are also a great way to browse a wider variety of properties that would usually be booked up over a weekend,” advised Fox.

Make the most of filters when searching online too.

“Snaptip has a ‘Biggest Discount’ filter on site, so people can search for properties with the largest price reductions available at the time,” Fox pointed out.

The expert also recommended staying consistent with your search.

“Our inventory is updated almost daily with new properties and deals,” he said.

Of course, when lockdown ends (currently due on December 2), life won’t be returning to normal.

Restrictions remain in place and it’s vital to keep this in mind when booking your holiday.

“We will all be desperate for a trip away after lockdown, not only for the mental health benefits but also for a chance to simply relax,” said Fox.

“As it seems likely the tier system will be reintroduced after the national lockdown, it is important to note the travel restrictions for each tier.

“If you live in a tier one or two region, assuming the restrictions in place are the same as they were prior to lockdown, you will be able to travel outside of your area but you must only share accommodation with your household or support bubble, and should avoid socialising with others indoors during your stay.

“Whereas if you are in a tier three area, or wish to travel to a tier three area, you will still be able to legally travel, although it is advised against.”

Fox advises opting for getaways far from the madding crowds.

“We would always advise guests to remain socially distanced from others outside of their household or support bubble during their stay,” he said.

“So secluded, off the beaten track holidays are a great, safe option.

“As well as relaxing and enjoying being cut off from the outside world for a few days, the chances of having any contact with the public is much lower.”

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