Hotels: Swiss hotel offers ‘COVID-19 service’ package including coronavirus test

Hotels across the globe have been left without customers as people have been forced to sit at home in isolation. But what if there was a hotel that offered the perfect self-isolation retreat, including a coveted coronavirus test?


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Hotel chain Le Bijou in Switzerland is offering just that for $77,500 (£65,133) for two weeks.

The Swiss hotel’s slogan before the global pandemic took hold was, “hotel service without the other people” which has now taken on a whole new meaning.


Le Bijou is a hotel that was exclusively built for people who wish to avoid human contact which is the perfect set-up for a global pandemic.

The service provides customers with a luxury coronavirus-themed package with options for doctor visits and food delivery.

The hotel chain has 42 units at properties in cities all around Switzerland.

Each unit includes certain amenities such as a full-service kitchen, saunas, Jacuzzis, fireplaces and gyms.

The units do not operate with members of staff which includes checking in.

To avoid human interaction at all costs, there is a private app and a remote 24-hour concierge that customers ca use to order what ever they want.

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Meals, personal chefs, groceries, massages, cabs, and more are all available at the touch of a button.

But some of the offers have changed in the light of the pandemic.

Co-founder and chief executive Alexander Hübner told Insider that launching the “covid-19 service” didn’t take much thanks to his concept.

He described the units as their own “luxury Airbnbs”.


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He added: “The whole thing is set up to be fully automated so you don’t need to see any other people.”

Mr Hübner said that creating the package was the perfect next step.

He said that overnight stays of his guests got longer due to the coronavirus and that more inquiries for doctors making room visits also led to him turning all these services into one package.

The service package is customisable and includes add-ons such as doctor visits, a coronavirus test and 24-hour nurse care.

The Swiss hotel chain has partnered with a private clinic to provide top medical services too.

Mr Hübner said that last week bookings went up to five per day since the service launched.

He added: “The inquiries are growing exponentially.”

Guests can stay for a single night but most people are choosing to stay for two weeks and even two months.

To protect against coronavirus, each room is cleaned before and after the stay, deliveries are dropped outside the doors and cleaning staff wear masks and gloves.

A two-week stay can cost anywhere between $6,000 (£5042) and $77,500 (£65,133), depending on whether guests opt for the 24/7 nurse service and a coronavirus test.

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