Hotels: The secret hotel workers know about you that you don’t realise

Hotel staff work round-the-clock to provide guests with the ultimate experience. Though we know they have booking information, including contact details, it turns out here are some secret things they know about guests that you may not realise.


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A hotel insider revealed to that staff may have more of an insight into guests, but remain tight-lipped, even if the things they know don’t paint the guests in the best light.

Pav Klair, Spa Relations Expert at SpaSeekers told that although hotel guests are expected not to steal items from the room that are not complementary, they often do. However, they might not be as stealthy in doing so as they think.

“We know when you steal things,” he said.

In fact, it turns out hotels keep a very tight track of these items.

A survey of more than 1,000 hoteliers discovered some of the most common items that go missing after check-out.

The majority of hotels reported guests sneaking off with towels, meanwhile, 65 percent said bathrobes went missing, and 49 percent noted vanishing coat hangers.

Though staff may not say anything directly to your face, it could have knock-on consequences for future bookings.

“It’s likely to get you blacklisted from further bookings,” said Pav.

However, largely it depends on the nature of the crime as well as how large the item is.

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Hotels often provide complimentary items, such as miniature toiletries, and these aren’t such a big concern for hotels.

On the other hand, larger items suddenly bashing can cause quite the stir.

Pav revealed: “While people can get away with taking that half-used bottle of shampoo, we’ve had reports of people pinching everything from duvets to bedside tables – practically furnishing their entire homes with hotel furniture.”

For the most part, hotels keep inventories of all of the items in each room, and these tend to be inspected once the guest has left.

This means that any damaged or stolen items will be noticed, and customers can face trouble.

Often this means the loss of a deposit, however, in extreme cases it can be a black mark on the guest’s record too.

However, a member of hotel staff on Quora revealed that there are plenty of occasions when staff notice, but turn a blind eye.

“I work in a hotel and we have a little sign in the bathroom that says if you take a towel we assume you want to buy it and that we’ll charge it to your card,” revealed the anonymous staff member.


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“But we never actually do that. I fold the towels in the hotel and I honestly couldn’t care less if someone took one. I’d nearly give it to them and tell them to enjoy it at home if they asked.

“Same with the girls who clean the rooms. We have boxes and boxes of spare towels. It’s really not a big deal.”

Another revealed that often the consequences are less harsh for those who are hotel regulars.

The former hotel marketing specialist explained: “Something to bear in mind is that it also depends on the individual client.

“A guest that was a regular visitor and had spent a considerable amount on additional services with us – a stolen pillow or towel would simply be a business expense.

“If it was someone that booked a cheap night and didn’t spend anything on hotel services – well, we would go after him for the pillow.”

However, even the most loyal of guests could dampen their chances of benefitting from hotel perks if they decide to start taking hotel property.

One of the main perks hotels offer for repeat clients are specialist “loyalty schemes.”

Pav explains that these can mean upgrades on every booking for no additional cost.

“There’s nothing better than a free upgrade,” he said.

“There are some easy ways you can increase the likelihood of getting boosted up to a more luxurious room without too much work (and without spending any extra money). “Ensuring you’re part of any loyalty scheme the hotel you’re planning on going to has means you’re more likely to be sent exclusive discount codes, given freebies such as free wifi, free meals or even a spa treatment – there’s usually no charge to join too. “

Dabbling in thievery may also mean that staff are less likely to pander to any special requests, so keeping your track record clean is a great way to boost any hotel stay.

“Got a special request for your room? We’re happy to help (within reason!),” says Pav.

“Ahead of Valentine’s Day, we’ve been inundated with weird and wonderful requests such as champagne on arrival, rose petals on the bed, buckets of ice, steamy bubble baths run ahead of the guests arriving, even saucy TV channels to be set up in the rooms – some of these requests we’re able to accommodate and some clients will have to sort themselves, so it’s always worth an ask!”

So, if you’re planning something special, be sure to leave those towels behind.

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