Inside the £423k James Bond-style hotel that features underwater rooms

This James Bond-inspired hotel has a license to thrill.

The luxurious Anthenea pod floats on the water and includes underwater bedrooms.

And if that wasn’t swanky enough, it also offers 360-degree views of the sea or ocean.

The suite looks like 00-heaven, but you’d need to have deep pockets to stay there.

Buying the vessel costs an eye-watering $517,000, which is equivalent to around £423,000.

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Jean-Michel Ducancelle is the brains behind the floating hotel.

The French architect created the 50 sq m suite – and 12 people can sit on its sun-deck comfortably.

He drew inspiration from James Bond.

The design is similar to one showed in The Spy Who Love Me, which hit cinemas in 1977.

But unlike Stromberg’s underwater hideout, Ducancelle’s features underwater rooms.

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In the underwater bedroom, there’s a king sized bed and bath.

The small pod also contains a lounge area and breakfast room, allowing guests to survive at sea in style.

There’s no doubt that buyers will be drawn to the Anthenea’s high tech design.

Impressively, you can access the room by swimming through an underwater door.

And another stand-out feature is that the vessel is powered by solar energy alone.

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