Man left livid as girlfriend ditches him in economy after getting free upgrade

A disgruntled holidaymaker has come under fire after criticising his girlfriend for accepting a free upgrade to premium economy – leaving him in economy.

The man claimed he was left to sit alone after his girlfriend used her airline points to travel in a more spacious seat. He described her actions as "messed up", taking issue with the fact that it wasn't a full class upgrade.

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The boyfriend also claimed that he would never have accepted the change in seats, reports the Sun.

He took to Reddit to share his frustration, but people have been divided about his reaction.

He wrote: "Quick question – When my GF (27) and I (M30) fly a certain airline she has status on – she usually gets upgraded 90% of the time.

"When she does get offered the upgrade, she takes it while leaving me behind in the economy."

He continued: "Mind you, this is an Economy "premium" upgrade, not first class.

"In my mind, I'm flagging this as like kind of messed up cause I would want never take that upgrade since I'd want to sit with her. You know, like a couple."

In the comments, some people agreed that she was being unreasonable, describing her move as "selfish".

But, many others thought the man was being petty.

One commented: "My husband and I travel frequently and while we enjoy sitting next to each other we haven’t in over half the flights we have been on and have flown in different classes before.

"We have always been excited/grateful for the other person when they get upgraded. If you truly care about someone and are not overly sensitive this isn’t a big deal."

And another noted: "All these comments calling the gf selfish are insane. This is such a non-issue in my mind. Your gf doesn’t need to sit next to you every time you fly."

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