New economy plane shows future of flying – from no seat pockets to dividing rows

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of things in life – from shopping to pubs.

One thing that won't be the same for a while is travelling with many airlines already adapting to a new life.

Now an economy cabin design could potentially give passengers a glimpse into what the future holds for travel.

The new "Pure Skies" concept has been created by London-based design firm PriestmanGoode.

It features dividing screens between rows, seats without pockets and a new layout for more personal space.

And the whole experience of flying will totally be different for passengers with this new plane concept.

Firstly, traditional elements of a plane seat would be removed, like no more touch screens for in-flight entertainment.

Instead passengers are able to plug their device into the screens and control the buttons from there.

Seat pockets won't be a thing in the post-coronavirus world, although there will be an optional removal bag for storage space.

Tray tables will still be available, but only when it comes to meals you can request a clip-on tray for protection while you eat.

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The layout on the plane could also look different, for example rows of seats would be divided by screens to provide more space.

Also the rows themselves could feature staggered seats to get more personal space when you're sat next to others.

The Pure Skies cabin is only a concept but it offers a glimpse into what flying could look like in the future after the pandemic.

For more details about the cabins, visit the PriestmanGoode website.

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