‘Parking nightmare, locals don’t like it’ Bakewell publican on staycations ‘need tourists’

Bakewell resident says that parking 'is a nightmare'

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GB News spoke to pub landlord, Linda, in Bakewell. She runs The Queen’s Arms, a 300 year old pub in the popular tourist spot.

Linda said: “It’s very much a locals’ pub but we do rely a lot on visitors.

“We have a good amount of visitors who visit Bakewell on a regular basis.

“We’ve got Haddon Hall on one side of us, Chatsworth on the other and we’ve got the beautiful Dales.

“People come on massive scales to visit the Dales. Parking can be a nightmare.

“The locals don’t like it. We could do with extra parking. But otherwise I have no complaints about the visitors in Bakewell at all.”

Presenter Will Hollis said: “I can confirm. It has been manic, it has been a bit of a nightmare to try and find parking.”

A whopping 13 million people visit the Peak District every year with Bakewell a popular destination in the region.

Linda said: “We’ve got lots of extra hotels arriving which brings more visitors, we’re very lucky.”

However she said: “It’s been terrible during lockdown. Walking around Bakewell, I would see locals who’d shout ‘Get that pub open!’

“It was very difficult times. We were very lucky that we had the help that we did. Without that we just wouldn’t be here.”

Bakewell is one of the gems of the Peak District with many stunning old buildings for tourists to admire.

It is famed for its unique dessert, the Bakewell tart, flavoured with frangipane and strawberry jam.

While the visitors bring money into Bakewell, the historical town can struggle when it comes to parking.

Chris Randall tweeted: “Pint and book at the local in front of the stove. When the tourists go home, Bakewell is lovely.”

Another visitor tweeted: “Cheeky trip to Bakewell. So overcrowded with us tourists, it felt like Bourton on the Water in summer.”

A tourist who visited the historical town last summer tweeted: “Tourists queuing around the block.”

Drivers could be banned from the Peak District as the area looks to invest in better public transport.

The national park has struggled with over tourism and is also concerned with the climate impact of all the cars.

The Lake District is also said to be considering a ban on driving in the National Park due to overcrowding.

Richard Leafe, chief executive of the Lake District National Park said: “It feels like we are at peak car.”

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