Passengers warned well-meaning gesture on flights is actually ‘rude’ to pilots

Going on holiday is plenty of fun, but while the sun, sand and sea makes up for the stress of planning and travelling there’s often an exhausting flight ahead of it. Now, if you’re only on board for a couple of hours a plane ride can be a relaxing form of transport.

Unfortunately, fellow passengers can quickly make it irritating rather than peaceful. Getting drunk is apparently the most annoying action holidaymakers can take on a flight alongside taking off your shoes.

However, it’s not just us passengers at 35,000ft – there’s also the pilot and flight attendants. Without even a holiday to temper their nerves they’ve explained that passengers can really frustrate them.

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An etiquette expert has come forward to explain what the crew find most annoying from passengers. You might be surprised to find out what they had to say.

Jo Bryant, has paired up with the travel experts at SkyParkSecure to share her advice on the biggest flight don’ts. She claims that a major "ick" that flight attendants and pilots hate is when passengers clap when the plane lands.

She noted that the behaviour is even considered "rude" by some. Speaking to the Express, Jo commented: "Applause is not necessary after a landing and is rude to the pilots. If the landing is good, clapping suggests surprise at such skill. If the landing is bad, applause would be insultingly sarcastic."

Clapping when the plane lands is becoming more common these days – possibly transferring over from the US where it’s a popular way to end your flight. However, it’s still better to express your appreciation by simply saying thanks and being polite when you leave.

You might want to heed the warning and avoid clapping too as flight attendants have claimed they get a particular kind of revenge on rude passengers. OnReddit, several airline workers explained that they take to "crop dusting" to punish the worst offenders.

For those who don’t know, that’s when you pass gas while standing next to someone and then walk away. So if you let your temper get the better of you and a crew member hovers near you for a moment you might be in for a whiffy surprise.

If you want to go one step further in your crew's estimation you could bring your flight attendants a small gift like a box of chocolates to share among the crew or a coffee shop gift card. If there’s space on the plane you might even get a free upgrade for doing so, say flight attendants.

Or you could simply get better treatment. A flight attendant noted: "Bring a small gift for the flight attendants. Chocolate, donuts, Starbucks gift cards. They will spoil you with snacks and drinks all flight long."

A passenger who tried the trick added: "If you're in first class, you'll get extra pillows, blankets, a mattress, slippers, and pyjamas, your glass is always full, and they'll save your favorite snack for you. If you're in economy, you might get a first class meal, free snacks that are usually purchased, free alcoholic drinks, etc. It's absolutely worth it."

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