Ryanair booking hack could save Brits £100 off their next holiday

Looking to shave money off your next holiday?

If you plan to fly with Ryanair, you should consider booking “value” seats instead of “regular” ones.

While this may seem pretty self explanatory, it’s an oversight that many make.

“Regular” fares, which are around £20.85 each, give you the option to reserve seats, have cabin bags and pay for priority boarding.

This booking option tends to save the faff of adding these extras in manually, so many select these.

But the time-saving measure could actually be worse for your bank balance.

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Money Saving Expert says you can make bigger savings by selecting “Value” fares.

While it’s not the case in all instances, families have shaved money off by adding extras onto their bookings one by one.

The MSE website explains: “When you buy a flight, the booking process now prominently offers you the chance to pay for this (plus priority boarding) by choosing the 'Regular' fare (typically £20.85 per person per flight).

“But we've found that opting for the 'Value' fare instead, then manually adding seat reservations, cabin bags and priority boarding, can often slash the cost.

“In one case, we found a family of four could save almost £100 on return flights simply by booking the extras separately.”

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While the money saving hack could leave you with more money to spend on holiday, it isn’t always guaranteed to be cheaper.

This being said, it’s best to check the prices for both fare options before booking.

For more information, visit the Money Saving Expert website.

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