Ryanair: How to make sure you don’t have a ‘fake’ boarding pass – airline warns passengers

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Ryanair has warned passengers that it is “mandatory” to check-in with the airline directly, and not to use boarding passes issued by third party agents. The warning comes after a number of passengers holding boarding passes issued by holiday booking platform Kiwi.com were turned away from flights.

The airline has slammed these boarding passes as “fake”, while Kiwi.com refuted such claims in a statement, describing the airline’s stance as limiting “customer choice”.

How can passengers make sure they have a valid Ryanair boarding pass?

According to Ryanair, the only boarding passes which will be accepted must have been issued directly by the airline.

This means passengers have used their unique ticket reference code to check-in with Ryanair.

However, in recent days passengers who had been using passes given out by Kiwi.com were turned away from their flights.

The airline has said it will not allow passengers to board using such boarding documents.

Ryanair’s director of marketing, Dara Brady, explained: “Any passenger presenting a Kiwi.com boarding pass will be refused boarding on Ryanair flights.”

Customers who have booked through a third party booking platform are advised to contact the agent in order to obtain their unique Ryanair ticket reference.

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Why is it necessary to have a Ryanair issued boarding pass?

The Irish carrier states “safety and security protocol” dictates that passengers must have an airline issued boarding pass.

Mr Brady stated: “It is an obligation under EU regulations that an airline informs passengers directly of all safety and security policies regarding their flight.”

How should passengers check-in for their Ryanair flights?

Ryanair passengers must make sure they check-in directly with the airline for their flight in order to obtain their boarding pass.

This can be done either online or by using the Ryanair app.

Passengers can check-in for free between 24 hours and two hours prior to their flight.

Customers who have purchased a reserved seat can do this as early as 60 days prior to their departure date.

In order to check-in, passengers must have their unique ticket reference code.

They are also likely to be asked additional personal details such as their name or email address.

Information regarding important travel documents, such as passport number, should also be input into this section of the check-in process.

When checking in online, passengers should do so using the My Booking section.

They then log in to their myRyanair account, where all upcoming trips will be listed.

Simply click on the correct destination and check-in.

Customers can also purchase any additional extras, such as luggage or legroom when checking in online.

Their boarding pass can then be downloaded or printed for use at the airport.

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