‘Safest we’ve been!’: MP calls to ‘get travel moving’ as amber watchlist scrapped

Travel: Easing of rules 'shows government confidence' says MP

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The amber watchlist was supposed to tell Britons about the countries that may move on the traffic light system. It was all about making the system more transparent for travellers.

Ministers, however, have decided to shelve the plan to keep things as simple as possible.

Appearing on the GB News’ Breakfast Show, MP Andrew Bridgen believed it was time to get our lives back.

He said: “I’m rather keen to get international travel moving, with test, and get a bit of sunshine back in people’s lives.”

With an airport in his constituency of North West Leicestershire, the MP was looking at the local economy when he said it was time to reopen international travel.

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Speaking from Coalville, he believed that the UK was close to herd immunity and that too cautious an approach didn’t make sense anymore.

He said: “We surely must be approaching herd immunity.”

He continued: “The fact that the Government is rolling back on some of these more draconian measures shows that the Government itself is becoming rather more confident that we are starting to develop herd immunity.”

Political commentator Calvin Robinson agreed and was happy, he said, that herd immunity was mentioned.

He said: “We’re probably the safest we’ve ever been.”

MP Andrew Bridgen noted the privileged position the UK is in thanks to a “brilliant vaccination programme.”

He said that “with 93-94 percent of adults now having antibodies […] if we can’t get out of these restrictions pretty quickly now, there isn’t much hope for anyone else in the world.”

Over 88 percent of the adult population has had a first dose of the vaccine and over 72 percent have had two doses.

MP Andrew Bridgen also included people who have had Covid and have developed antibodies through having been ill already.

He was confident that the UK was leading in terms of herd immunity.

He said: “I can’t see other people [countries] getting to that level of resistance.”

Of course, other countries around the world have had exemplary roll outs of the Covid vaccine, with Israel having led the way early on.

The UK, however, is well-placed, even as the vaccination rate is slowing down.

So far, more than 85 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine have been administered.

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid had said about the vaccine roll out: “This is a phenomenal achievement. It has shown Britain at its best.”

MP Andrew Bridgen is now keen for the brilliant achievement to lead to concrete changes and for Britons’ lives to get back to normal, open borders and all.

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