‘Still waiting for my money!’ Teletext Holidays taken to court over delayed Covid refunds

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The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said Teletext Holidays had failed to make enough progress on refunds. The CMA does not believe Teletext Holidays has done enough to deal with the issue.

Andrea Coscelli, CMA watchdog chief, said: “We are requesting a court order to make sure that the company immediately pays back the money it still owes to customers and refunds people within 14 days.”

Teletext Holidays is operated by Truly Holdings, who claims it has refunded £10.8million already.

It also said it had only £1.2million worth of refunds caused by the pandemic issue left to process.

However, the CMA said the company had paid back more than £7million and does not believe Truly Holdings has done enough.

Truly Holdings said it was “very disappointed” by the court action as it claimed to be “working as hard as it can” to process refunds.

It said: “We have engaged in constructive dialogue with the CMA and continue to vigorously pursue any strategy agreed with the CMA.”

Customers who are awaiting refunds from Truly Holdings have vented their frustration on social media.

Stacey tweeted: “Still waiting for my money teletext! Why are you still thieving from people? Give us back what we owe?”

Others accused the company of lying as they continued to wait for a pandemic related refund.

Becky Brown tweeted: “Lies after lies again about holiday refund. Should of been in my bank account on 31st August still no sign of it.

“Lie after lie on phone to customer service be in by Thursday Friday this week still no sign, just be honest where is my money I am rightfully owed.”

Piglet Squid tweeted: “A disgrace of a company, that I would advise everyone to avoid.”

Lynsey Brodie tweeted: ‘I’m also awaiting our refund! Absolute joke of a company.”

After missing the holidays they were looking forward to, customers are anxious to receive a refund.

Princess Faith tweeted: “My secondary school friends and I booked a reunion holiday with Teletext Holidays. Holiday was cancelled due to Covid. Easyjet made refunds for flights to teletext holidays. They’ve decided to pocket the funds and refusing to make refunds.”

Rory Boland, travel editor of Which? Magazine, said: “It’s unacceptable that Teletext Holidays has not yet paid all outstanding refunds for cancelled holidays and is still failing to comply with the 14 day period required by law so the CMA is right to start court action.”

While the refund issue rumbles on, a few people tweeted their surprise that Teletext Holidays was still running.

Colin Merritt tweeted: “Teletext holidays? How the heck is that still a thing? Takes me back to those old days.”

Although the company has shut down its service on analogue and digital television, it still operates a website.

It specialises in short and long haul beach holidays, city breaks, UK getaways and cruise holidays.

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