The stunning finalists in a worldwide nature photography competition

From a long-tongued chameleon to a spellbinding island in the Philippines: The stunning finalists in a worldwide nature photography competition

  • More than 11,086 images were submitted to the #Nature2020 photography contest, run by photo app Agora 
  • The 50 finalists have been revealed with the winner selected by public vote and announced on March 4
  • Entries include a photo of a long-tongued chameleon about to tuck into its dragonfly dinner in Jakarta 

What a wonderful world indeed. 

These breathtaking images show planet Earth in all its natural splendour. 

From exotic animals with very very long tongues to jaw-dropping landscapes sculpted by time and weather, photographers ventured out to show the beauty of Mother Nature for a competition run by photo app Agora.

Locations include the jungles of Indonesia, the rugged coastline of Iceland and the ancient sands of Namibia. 

Out of 11,086 entries, judges went about selecting 50 finalists. The winner of the #Nature2020 will be selected by public vote and announced on March 4. 

Scroll down and take a trip of a lifetime from the comfort of your seat, thanks to 17 of the talented Agora finalists we’ve picked out… 

Hong Kong photographer @leemumford8 captured Palawan island in the El Nido municipality in the western Philippines. He said of the shot: ‘El Nido had some of the most breathtaking scenery. These huge mountains protruded the ocean creating a landscape like no other. As soon as I saw this island, I knew it would make for some amazing photographs. My girlfriend and I spent a solid hour kayaking against the wind on this island. I wanted to show the insane scale of this place. To help add to the scale, I waited for a boat to leave the beach. Mother Nature is so beautiful when left to her own devices’

Indonesian photographer @georock888 said of this incredible photograph showing a long-tongued chameleon in Jakarta: ‘I had to wait a long time to take this shot! It took a lot of patience. I had to adjust the speed on the camera when the chameleon ate his dinner (which was a dragonfly!)’

British photographer @jamesxtheo said of this vertigo-inducing snap showing Mount Seceda in the Dolomites, Italy: ‘This was shot during late summer, the temperature was below freezing and the strong winds made it feel even colder. The next day this place was covered in snow!’

To get this close-up shot of a camouflaged crocodile Indonesian photographer @yensentan approached the scaled reptile as quietly as possible as they are ‘usually are very responsive to noise and movement’

Photographer @caokynhan captured this incredible shot while travelling through the central highlands region of Vietnam. He said: ‘I walked many difficult roads to climb to the top of this mountain, from where I could see the entire hills below. I have come here many times, but I had never seen the fog covering the mountains this way. It was a very wonderful feeling’

Photographer @mits4772 took this incredible photo of a tiger while touring the Pench Tiger Reserve in India 

A lone bird sits on top of a tree in this golden photograph of the sun setting in Kenya, Africa, taken by Pakistani photographer @someguybehindthecamera. He said of the image: ‘The light was about to go out completely when I saw this tree and luckily got this shot. I wanted to transmit tranquillity and peace through this image’

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Belgian photographer @notanothermica titled this shot, taken in Vietnam, ‘Waterfall Paradise’ 

This beautiful photo showing rocks dripping with foliage by a waterfall in Vietnam was taken by Spanish photographer @jordisark

Norwegian photographer @øystein said of this atmospheric shot showing Kirkjufell mountain in Iceland: ‘This is nature at its most dramatic – fantastic light and blizzard is an unusual combination. I wanted to present the majestic mountain as the main object’

Italian photographer @heisen22 captured a fox on the prowl while travelling during winter around the island of Hokkaido in Japan

Indonesian cameraman @novian_altelucav simply titled this image ‘paradise’. He said of the shot, taken in the Central Sulawesi province of Indonesia: ‘I struggled to take this picture because the path to get there was quite tough, and I was in a hurry to take some photos. The water was so clear!’

A spider sits ready for its portrait in this eye-catching close-up shot by Indonesian photographer @achmadkamal92

American photographer @thejosiah titled this photo taken in his home country ‘the open road is calling’

The sun casts a golden glow on a dune in Namibia. The aerial image was taken by British photographer @joeshelly

Hengifoss waterfall in Iceland is captured in all its glory by German photographer @kveikjan. The photograph was taken during the summer months, with light from ‘the beautiful midnight sun’ creating a moody feel 

British photographer @cannonmatt ventured to Iceland during the summer months to get a shot of Kirkjufell mountain carpeted in green. It was one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones. He said: ‘I wanted to convey the scale and versatile landscape of Iceland and, contrary to most people’s perceptions of Iceland, how luscious and green the country can be’

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