This Activewear Line Is Just as Soft as My All-Time Favorites From Outdoor Voices – at a Fraction of the Price

High heels and dresses might be waiting for us this Hot Vax Summer, but I know I won't be throwing out my comfy leggings or joggers any time soon. Even if I'm ready to dress up more (a.k.a. wear anything other than my pajamas), doing everything indoors has made me appreciate the value of wear-all-day leggings and loungewear.

One of my all-time favorites so far is Outdoor Voices' Cloudknit collection. In fact, I got my entire family addicted to it — but at $88 for a pair of joggers and $58 for a tank top, stocking up my entire wardrobe with Cloudknit has been a costly pursuit. So, I was ecstatic to discover the perfect dupe that's much more affordable: Quince's Flowknit collection, which starts at $20.

Yes, the names sound similar, and Quince's Flowknit is just as soft and breathable as Outdoor Voices' Cloudknit line, but at a fraction of the price. Even when they're not compared to Outdoor Voices, Quince's $35 Flowknit Ultra-soft Performance Legging — which the brand sent to me to try — stands out in the throngs of activewear available on the market right now. (And if you're not familiar with Quince yet, you should be.)

To buy:, $35

Incredibly stretchy, the super smooth Flowknit leggings easily get me through HIIT workouts on my Peloton bike and yoga sessions, without bunching up or cutting off circulation to my feet. Since I actually prefer wearing men's T-shirts for working out (their larger sizes make it easy to tie at the waist), I tried the men's Flowknit Ultra-soft Performance Tee, and found it to be so sweat-wicking that I was already dry half an hour after finishing an exhausting HIIT and Hills ride.

Plus, T-shirts from the collection are sustainably made using 20 water bottles for each tee (perhaps the reason for how smooth they feel, similar to Girlfriend Collective's wildly soft water bottle-made collection), and they even eliminate smelly odors. They also include SPF-40 protection, making them "perfect for sweaty summer days in lieu of cotton tees," as a reviewer said.

The Flowknit collection is so good, I've already bought more on my own — and I'm clearly not the only one who can't stop shopping the entire line. The men's tee is already mostly sold out, and the women's tee is gone in select sizes. Thankfully, the Flowknit leggings are still in stock (as are the tank tops), and you can grab the leggings for $35. The brand is even launching hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, and shorts soon — making them truly the perfect Cloudknit clothing dupe — and you can bet I'll be in line.

Shop Quince's Flowknit collection below.

Flowknit Ultra-Soft Performance Biker Short

To buy:, $25

Flowknit Ultra-Soft Performance Legging

To buy:, $35

Flowknit Ultra-Soft Performance Tee in Burgundy

To buy:, $20

Flowknit Ultra-Soft Performance Tee in Charcoal

To buy:, $20

Flowknit Ultra-Soft Performance Tank in Charcoal

To buy:, $20

Flowknit Ultra-Soft Performance Tank in Burgundy

To buy:, $20

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