Tourists must watch out for ‘fake police’ scam on holiday – ‘Don’t let them take anything’

Reasons why the UK could face a summer of travel misery

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Travel expert Rob Staines, told about a few common scams in Europe. Tourists can lose a lot of money or their personal information if they’re not careful.

Rob said: “Beware of fake police offering on the spot fines, often for the most ridiculous reasons.

“They may look legitimate but don’t be tempted to hand over your money or ID. Feel free to show it but don’t let them take possession.

“Also ask to see their ID and tell them you will pay a fine at the local police station.”

If the fine is legitimate, the police will be able to show their ID and take tourists to the police station.

In some areas of Spain, British tourists could be fined for being topless away from beach areas.

Britons also need to take care of new drinking laws on the Balearic islands, including a ban on party boats.

Rob added: “Be wary of scammers utilising children or old people to pray on your conscience.

“It’s easy to be lured into certain situations by those you find vulnerable.

“If you find yourself in a difficult situation, call the police or go into a shop to alert them to the issue.”

He said: “Generally speaking whilst travelling, if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

“Trust your gut and keep your wits about you. Travel is an opportunity to meet new people and immerse yourself in a new way of life but be wary of anyone who is a little too insistent to take you somewhere or show you something.”

If tourists are looking for a local guide when they’re on holiday, they could ask for recommendations at their accommodation.

Many European cities have free walking tours on offer where tourists can meet a guide at a designated spot.

The tours are often a great way to see a city’s main sites and get to grips with a new destination.

It could also be the perfect place to meet other tourists if Britons are travelling alone or looking to meet new people.

However, tourists should remember to tip their guide at the end of the tour, as that’s how they make their money.

Many Britons will be travelling for the first time since the pandemic began and Spain is one of the UK’s top destinations this year.

Over 30 percent of Britons are planning to holiday in the sunny Mediterranean country, according to easyJet.

Britons will get the most for their money in the Canary islands, according to new data from Holidu.

The Balearic islands and Barcelona are two of the most expensive destinations where tourists can expect to spend a lot on accommodation this summer.

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