UK celebrities reveal where they're holidaying in 2022

I’m a celebrity… get me over there! Lorraine Kelly, Chris Tarrant and other travel-hungry famous folk reveal where they’re holidaying in 2022

From America to Vietnam, Jamaica to Antarctica, the world of travel is once again opening up. So where have you been fantasising about visiting in 2022?

Sea and sand or city safari? Wildlife watching or on the water? We asked some travel-hungry celebrities what’s in store for them this year…

Lynne Truss – best-selling author

Pictured is bestselling author Lynne Truss, who is planning on taking a ‘fancy art history trip to Texas’ next month 

Lynne says that she made a ‘vague promise’ to visit friends on the Greek island of Halki, pictured above

A fancy art history trip to Texas in February, although at the moment the idea of travelling 5,000 miles for no good reason seems insane. 

I’ve also made a vague promise to visit friends on the Greek island of Halki, in the Dodecanese, in May. 

My biggest worry is that it will be a devastating shock to my three dogs who’ve got used to having me around.

Jeffrey Archer – his latest novel, Over My Dead Body, is out now

Jeffrey Archer, pictured, reveals that he will be spending time writing a novel in Majorca 

Majorca this month to write my next novel. 

But looking further ahead, my wife Mary is keen for us to go on one of those Russian waterways cruises from St Petersburg to Moscow in the summer, so hopefully that will work out.

Lorraine Kelly – television presenter

Lorraine Kelly, pictured, will be travelling to Singapore with her mum and her daughter later this year

Singapore with my mum and my daughter Rosie, who lived there for three years and didn’t get a chance to say a proper goodbye because of Covid.

Greenland, Mongolia, and South Georgia and the Falklands are also in my sights.

Chris Tarrant – broadcaster

Chris Tarrant, pictured, says that ‘everything is still up in the air’ with the filming of is his Channel 5 travel series, Extreme Railways

Go wild: A giraffe in the Entabeni Safari Reserve in South Africa. Chris hopes to visit the country in 2022

South Africa. Last year was the first I haven’t been on safari for 20 years. 

Telly-wise, we’re still talking about filming my Channel 5 series, Extreme Railways, this year but everything is still up in the air.

Miriam Stoppard – agony aunt

Miriam Stoppard, pictured, says it would be ‘wonderful’ if she could visit Bhutan this year

My home in South-West France for a start. 

Looking further ahead, Bhutan, the Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas, would be wonderful, but it will take some planning.

Jeremy Vine – broadcaster and Eggheads presenter

Jeremy Vine, pictured, says that there are ‘countless islands from which to choose’ in Indonesia 

Jeremy visited the ‘fascinating city’ of Jakarta, pictured, when he was in his early twenties 

Former Countdown presenter Nick Hewer describes Vietnam as a ‘wonderful country’ 

Indonesia. It’s an astonishing country — the culture is incredible. 

Jakarta is a fascinating city (I have visited only once, when I was 23) and there are countless islands from which to choose.

Nick Hewer – former presenter of Countdown

I was in Vietnam just before the outbreak of the pandemic, and would love to return to that wonderful country, as well as visit Japan and India again.

Dan Snow – historian

‘All this sitting around has made me desperate to visit somewhere different,’ says Dan Snow, pictured 

Canada to see my sister and her family, cousins and friends. I would also love to take the children canoeing in the far north.

All this sitting around has made me desperate to visit somewhere different. Perhaps Antarctica! I’m also looking forward to a work trip to Norway to learn all about the Vikings and see the world’s most extraordinary Viking ships.

Sian Gabbidon – apprentice winner

Apprentice star Sian Gabbidon says: ‘Now that I’m fully vaccinated, I’m ready to explore new horizons and create some more wonderful holiday memories’

Pictured is Winnifred Beach, Jamaica. Sian plans on visiting the Caribbean island for a ‘chilled getaway’ 

I’d love to get to Jamaica for a chilled getaway, as my grandparents hail from the Caribbean island. I’m desperate to feel the sand between my toes and the salt in my hair again.

Now that I’m fully vaccinated, I’m ready to explore new horizons and create some more wonderful holiday memories.

Ian Rankin – crime writer

Writer Ian Rankin, pictured, is hopeful that his rescheduled cruise of the Black Sea will go ahead this summer 

I had just got a taste for cruise holidays when the pandemic hit. A couple of them have since been cancelled but my fingers are crossed that a rescheduled cruise of the Black Sea will go ahead in the summer.

I’ve missed visiting literary festivals around the world. I’ve no idea when I will next do a book tour of the U.S., Canada, Australia or New Zealand. 

I just hope I’m still young enough to enjoy it when it happens! 

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