Video shows firefighters rescuing 2 dogs from a massive sinkhole that nearly swallowed a house in Mexico

  • Two dogs were rescued from a sinkhole in the Mexican state of Puebla this week.
  • The dogs, named Spike and Spay, had been trapped in the sinkhole for four days.
  • The sinkhole is now more than 400 feet across and up to 150 feet deep.
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Firefighters in Mexico rescued two dogs from a massive sinkhole this week that has grown larger than a football field and is close to swallowing a house.

Video from the central state of Puebla shows firefighters using a ladder and a rope and pulley system to rescue two dogs that had been trapped on a ledge of the sinkhole for four days, according to the Associated Press. The dogs had been playing near the hole when they fell in, the AP reported.

Photos from the state government show the dogs, named Spay and Spike, being cared for by veterinarians after the rescue.

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Video: 2 dogs rescued in Mexico from sinkhole larger than a football field (Yahoo! News)

The sinkhole is more than 400 feet across and up to 150 feet deep, AP reported.

Mexican soldiers are keeping people 2,000 feet away from the sinkhole in case it grows any larger, and authorities have set up metal barriers as an extra precaution.

It’s unclear what caused the sinkhole, but residents believe it could be the result of an underground river or excessive groundwater extraction from factories.

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