WATCH: Couple in hysterics as unknown toddler strokes plane passenger in viral video

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Flights can be made infinitely better or worse depending on those sitting near you. Nearly everyone has experienced the battle over a reclining seat at some point or being bashed in the back by the person behind. However, sometimes neighbours can prove very entertaining.

A video of just such an episode has gone viral after being shared to social media by Instagram account passengershaming.

Taken before the coronavirus pandemic, the clip, originally posted on TikTok, shows a man and woman sitting in their plane seats on a US flight.

The former is filming on his mobile phone and both are convulsed with laughter.

It would seem the passenger behind the pair has sparked their giggles.

In the space between the plane window and the woman’s seat, a tiny hand can be seen emerging.

The enquiring extremity makes contact with the woman’s upper arm and looks to be playing with it.

The little digits drum on her bicep before repeatedly batting the flier’s arm.

Clearly, a very small child in the window seat behind is keen to play.

Far from being annoyed, the woman finds the contact hilarious.

She is laughing hard, as is her partner, at the entertaining interruption.

The couple’s hysterics do nothing to put the toddler off.

The little hand continues to pat the woman’s arm, even stroking it, as the tot tries to work out what it’s touching.

Instagram account passengershaming posted the following caption with the video: “This (pre-COVID #throwback) is too cute and funny not to share!

“Just a little wholesome fun by a toddler.”

Viewers loved the clip and were quick to share their thoughts.

“Their laughter is so much fun!!” one person posted.

“I love that these two recognize that this is a moment of joy!” another wrote.

Some people shared how they would have responded in this situation – but not everyone was positive.

“I just want to hold his hand,” one commented, but another said: “I’d be so damn annoyed lol.”

Others were more fascinated by life pre-covid when wearing face masks wasn’t required.

“I miss flying without a mask…” a viewer penned.

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