WATCH: Hilarious moment plane passenger suffers major hand luggage fail in viral video

Hand luggage comes with a plethora of restrictions concerning its size on most airlines. This is to make sure it can fit in overhead lockers or under the plane seats. One passenger who had taken a small suitcase onboard was therefore totally flummoxed when it seemingly refused to fit in the locker.

His surprise has been captured in a very funny video that is going viral on social media.

It was shared by Instagram account passengershaming.

The clip shows the male traveller standing in the aisle of an aircraft.

The tall man is attempting to push his suitcase into an overhead locker.

However, no matter how much he shoves, he appears unable to fit it in.

He can be seen peering in confusion at the sides as he rams the item of hand luggage in.

He puts his hands underneath in an attempt to shuffle it further back.

He takes it out a little bit in order to reposition it and he places it back in.

All to no avail; he is clearly totally baffled as to why his small suitcase will not slide into the locker.

As he looks around helplessly, a female flight attendant comes down the aisle to help him.

The man demonstrates that no matter how much he shoves, the locker just won’t accommodate the cabin bag.

Luckily the cabin crew member quickly spots the problem.

The man is trying to push the bag completely the wrong way.

She points out that if he simply turned the suitcase on its side, the issue would rapidly be no more.

And, hey presto, the man flips the suitcase as it slips into the locker with ease.

It would seem turning it around was just something that had not crossed his mind whatsoever.

His actions clearly entertained the other passengers.

The person filming the scene pans to the woman in the seat next to them.

She has her face in her hands as she laughs at the man’s failed attempts to handle his luggage.

Instagram users were similarly amused. “Obviously he didn’t play Tetris growing up,” one commented.

“How some people make it to adulthood is amazing,” another commented.

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