WATCH: Parent and child’s extreme coronavirus measures at airport cause a stir

An adult and child were spotted at a Chinese airport wearing two very surprising protective outfits in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. The viral video has caused quite a stir and even had some travellers starting to consider taking similar measures.


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The video appears to have been taken by another traveller and was initially shared on social media platform TikTok, before being reposted by Instagram account @PassengerShaming.

In the footage, two figures can be seen walking through what looks like an airport terminal.

One of them is larger and pushes a child’s pushchair.

The second of the two appears to be a toddler waddling alongside its parent.

However, it is their matching ensembles that have garnered a reaction.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic many passengers are taking extreme protective measures, however, this is a quirky cut above the rest.

Indeed, both parent and child are kitted out in matching astronaut suits, complete with giant bubble-shaped helmets.

The Instagram caption shared with the post encouraged conversation in the comments about the future of travel, and what safety measures others might consider taking.

It asked: “So how are we all feeling about flying right now? Do you have any trips planned?? Where do you want to go first?!”

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Many commenters commended the choice of outfits, deeming them “cute” and “safe”.

One commenter wrote: “This is the cutest thing I think I’ve ever seen. Lil pint-sized astronaut.”[SIC]

Another said: “My daughter flew last week. I should have put her in one of those suits.”

A third jokes: “Are they going to the moon? Is that route open?”

Although the outfit raised a few eyebrows, many were quick to show support for the parent in this situation.

One commenter said: “Why is this passenger shaming? To get children to buy into maintaining safety on flights sometimes parents need to get creative. Please don’t shame parents flying with kids.”


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Another suggested: “I feel like as a mom she might just be making the weirdness of wearing masks more fun for her kids.”

With protective measures a top priority for many travellers, these extreme methods seem to be received positively by most.

“Gotta protect the kids,” a space suit advocate pointed out.

“They are our future freedom fighters!!!”

Perhaps this is because so many in the comments shared varying levels of anxiety about taking to the skies again once the lockdown restrictions in their country were eased.

“Have a trip planned to Turks and Caicos ( borders open July 22nd) that I booked ages ago for August,” said one concerned parent.

“On fence about canceling bc I am scared to put kids on plane but if I can put them in space suits may change my mind.” [SIC]

Another echoed this feeling of uncertainty, saying: “We cancelled both of our trips but anxious to schedule one as soon as it is safe.”

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