WATCH: Shock as stark naked man brazenly walks through Los Angeles airport

Los Angeles: Man appears to walk through LAX naked

Onlookers at Los Angeles’ LAX airport were left open-mouthed as a male passenger stripped naked and made his way through the airport terminal. Though the man’s bold move left many people in a state of shock, others felt it was the perfect year to round off an unprecedented year for travel.

The video footage, which was taken by a passenger at the airport and shared via Instagram account @PassengerShaming, shows the airport terminal with a few travellers milling about.

However, the main focus of the camera is directed at one passenger who is casually strolling through the near-empty travel hub.

Completely naked head to toe, the man lucky has his back to the camera.

His bare bottom can still be seen, despite the video being blurred in a bit to conceal some of his modesty.

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A man dressed in black appears to be following him which could be a security guard.

Despite this, there seems to be no rush from either party to put an end to the revealing situation.

The video was posted alongside a caption reading: “Just a naked man walking through LAX – nothing to see here, it’s 2020 (and for those asking: no he was not wearing mask either, lol.)” [SIC]

The footage amassed more than 35,600 likes juts 23 hours after being posted on Monday afternoon.

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Viewers flocked to the comments section to share their reaction to the display.

Many pointed to the current global pandemic, asking: “But did he have a mask on?”

Others were left in a state of disbelief. “Stop it!” wrote a shocked Instagram user.

One user blamed the unprecedented nature of 2020, commenting: “The year has dealt with all of us too. It takes a lot to still have our clothes on.”

Someone else said: “I wouldn’t expect anything less in 2020.”

Of course, there were those who were enraged by the man’s indecent exposure.

“I don’t understand that why is it that when some people travel … they think that it’s their time to ‘shine’,” seethed one irate onlooker.

“Whether it’s being argumentative about wearing a mask, causing disruptions, commandeering every free seat, taking over the aisle, the galley.

“Some of you believed your mom too much when she told you that you were special.”

Another added: “I would lose my s**t if I was with my kids in this airport and saw this.”

However, there were others who took a more lighthearted approach to the unexpected exposure.

“At least going through security screening will be a breeze,” wrote one viewer.

A second joked: “I could only wish to achieve this level of confidence. Or that level of high; whichever.”

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