Woman brings microphone onto plane for ‘TED Talk’-style rant about Covid

A woman was slammed for bringing a microphone onto the plane to rant about coronavirus.

The bizarre encounter took place mid-air – and singer-songwriter Jawny happened to be one of the passengers on board.

He filmed the rant and even bought the in-flight WiFi to share the video on TikTok.

The woman stands in the middle of the aisle and is heard saying: "This is my microphone and you can’t take it. I tried borrowing yours, you don’t want to let me use it.

"I brought my microphone, I’m gonna use it. The pandemic started because you guys have a little bit of faith…

"You're gonna cuff me? I'm in the middle of my speech!"

An air hostess approaches her with a pair of yellow handcuffs, while another cabin crew tries to take her to the back of the plane.

"I'm completely harmless," the passenger continues.

"I think you all are enjoying this because I'm not terrible to look at.

"The reason why the pandemic started is because, the internet…[inaudible]. You don't even know what the reality is anymore."

A flight attendant advises her to take her belongings and move further down to the back of the plane.

While most of the plane passengers do not pay attention to her, the woman grabs her dog from the seat and says: "My dog has better sense than any of you.

"In fact, my dog is a better God for you people. My dog is my God."

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Many viewers compared her speech to a "TED Talk" event and even a "deleted scene" from Bridesmaid movie.

One said: "Non-consensual TED Talks on a plane."

"Not her trying to walk down the aisle as though she were to give an actual presentation," a second wrote.

And a third added: "Was this a deleted scene from Bridesmaids? 'I'm ready to party!!!!'"

"I never got to hear why the pandemic started," a fourth joked.

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