Woman says she pretended to be pregnant to get on flight with extra bag

A female plane passenger was branded a "genius" for disguising an extra carry-on bag as a baby bump when she traveled with a budget airline.

In a TikTok video, user @miniadventures shows herself getting changed in the airport toilet after passing through security for a domestic flight in the US.

She puts a drawstring bag on her front and adjusts it so it is hanging quite low and could feasibly pass for a pregnancy bump.

The TikToker then pulls her baggy hoodie over the top which disguises the shape even better.

She then turns around to show how it looks in profile and cradles the bulge like it's a real baby.

"When you get a $44 (£32) flight but can only bring a backpack," she wrote on the screen.

It would appear the flight crew even let her board the plane first because they saw the bulge and assumed she was pregnant.

"My parents raised me better than this," she joked in the caption.

The clip has been watched millions of times since it was uploaded on the video-sharing app and amassed thousands of comments.

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One fan commented: "Oh my gosh this is genius and I'm ashamed I never thought of this first."

A second said: "Great idea! But I'm a dude. Doubt this will work for me… or will it?"

"I went on a flight with eight shirts on and six pairs of shorts so I feel this," commented someone else.

Other viewers indicated they thought it was not a good idea.

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"Yeah they will know good luck getting on the no-fly list," said one user.

A second wrote: "Well now they are going to know after millions of views."

Meanwhile, other people insisted there was no need to trick the airline and said you could simply use a plastic bag from the concession shops at the airport.

As people said, an airline would probably not take too kindly to someone pretending to be pregnant and skipping queues so you might get in trouble if you try to copy the plane passenger.

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