Woman shares ‘disturbing’ message from hotel worker who posted note through door

A hotel guest was creeped out when an employee pushed a note under the door of her room.

The woman was sexually propositioned after she was kind enough to tip the male hospitality worker who served her.

They offered to “pleasure her orally” in return for the payment, which understandably left her feeling freaked out.

The handwritten letter reads: "Thank you greatly for the tip, you really didn't have to.

"I'm happy I had a chance to lay eyes on you again. You're amazingly beautiful.

"I hope I'm not being rude, I'm trying to practice speaking up for myself and being more confident.”

It adds: "I would be kicking myself in the ass tomorrow if I did not say something.

“Would love to get to know you but you probably have someone special.

"PS. I didn't earn the tip. Would love to please you for an hour orally."

While the hotel guest was horrified by the crude note, she worried about reporting the man in case he accessed her room.

She told the Mirror: "When I checked out I left the note on the back and said I had a boyfriend as a way of protecting myself.”

She added: "I didn't turn him in because he dropped it under my door and I found it at 11:30 pm and he didn't sign it.

"I didn't know his name and I didn't want to have to talk to him. I was also kind of just scared because he worked there and had access to my keys."

Pictures of the letter have gone viral on Twitter – and many are equally repulsed by the male employee’s actions.

One commenter said: "I would feel so icky after receiving this. He does have very distinct penmanship though.

"I wonder if they could ask staff to submit a handwriting sample without telling them why."

Another wrote: “This would make me very uncomfortable.

“I feel like he’s trying to excuse being out of line by saying he’s trying to speak up for himself.

“I’d practice standing up for myself by reporting that.”

And a third added: “Super creepy move. How does one think that leaving a note would be a slick move is beyond me.

“The oral thing was just the disturbing cherry on top. Sorry this happened to you.”

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