WTTC Pushing for Mandatory Masks in All Tourism Sectors

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) is asking people once again hitting the road as coronavirus restrictions are lifted to protect themselves and others by wearing masks.

WTTC officials cited scientific data from countries recovering faster from the viral pandemic where the use of face masks has been widely enforced. Experts at Harvard also revealed travelers should wear facial coverings on all forms of transport, inside entertainment venues and anywhere contact with others is possible.

To help make the protocol more universally accepted and enforced, the WTTC is calling on governments and the private sector to remind customers of their obligations to protect their health and that of fellow tourists.

The WTTC’s #wear2care campaign informs tourists that wearing a mask can reduce the risk of transmission, protect the user and those around them, and reintroduce a sense of normality as the industry learns to live with the virus until a vaccine is found.

“The safety and hygiene of travelers and those who work in Travel & Tourism is of paramount importance, which is why we now strongly recommend masks being mandatory,” WTTC President Gloria Guevara said. “Wear to care promotes the protection of face mask users and visibly shows they care about the welfare and safety of their fellow travelers, which will help save lives and encourage the return of Safe Travels.”

“The wearing of masks should not be politicized,” Guevara continued. “Wearing a mask needs to become part of everyday life to ensure everyone enjoys travelling in safety until a vaccine for COVID-19 is found. We implore the private sector and global governments to encourage their use so wearing a mask becomes the new normal.”

In addition, WTTC recently issued new guidelines for Safe & Seamless Travel, including testing and tracing, frequent handwashing, using hand sanitizer, social distancing and more.

The Safe Travels Protocols were developed for the global Travel & Tourism sector which focused on measures to safely drive business to car hire companies, airports, tour operators, attractions and other travel sectors.

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