You can book an Airbnb in the Mexican jungle with a huge private cenote

Mexico is a stunning destination for a sunny holiday – from the bright white beaches to traditional towns and glowing sunsets.

While it’s a little further than other options this long-haul hotspot is laden with good food, great people and fun places to stay.

If you’re looking for the holiday of a lifetime then you might be in luck as you can now rent a completely private Mayan villa which comes with its own natural pool.

READ MORE: Each night costs from £231.75 plus a service fee and taxes over the duration of your stay.

The Airbnb is hidden within the lush jungle at Nuuku just 35 minutes drive from Cancun International Airport.

Cancun is known for being a party-heavy city filled with Spring Break fans – but the six Mayan villas that make up this Airbnb are a world away in a relaxing private area.

New flowers and trees blossom in different parts of the year, while the chance of bumping into types of jungle animals rises and falls with the seasons.

For those who want to totally disconnect the thick foliage and trees keeps the five-acre estate completely separate from the rest of the country.

But, the best part of Nuuku is that it has its own private cenote – a sinkhole formed when limestone bedrock collapses and groundwater floods in.

There are hundreds of cenotes around Mexico which locals and tourists alike dive into for a refreshing dip.

In fact, it’s these curious geological formations that the Mayans centred their religion around – believing they were a gateway to the underworld and the God of rain.

Cenotes were a crucial source of water for people living in the area, and were used as a place to make sacrificial offerings.

Now, the pools are beloved swimming hotspots and the deep blue-green water of the Nuuku cenote is perfect for a dip.

It has a human-made ledge so you can climb in and out or dive from and trees create shade from the sun.

When you return inside your villa you won’t be short on luxury either.

Fresh breakfasts are served each morning and the villa's porches all look out onto the jungle, meaning you can spend the afternoon looking for a member of the local jaguar population.

The homes are air-conditioned and fitted with wifi, and staff are on hand to whip up a four course dinner at guests' request.

For an additional cost, you can even have an in-room private massage at the villa and a private chef to serve up lunch and snacks.

Plus, there's a shared hot tub to enjoy as well.

"Nuuku is surrounded by the Mayan jungle in which we are exposed to nature in all its splendor, to the flora and fauna that live in it," the Airbnb listing reads.

"That is our great virtue as a tropical oasis and that is why our guests decide to book with us, always seeking to live the magical experience of staying in the Mayan jungle with all that it entails.

"In each season, the climate, flora and fauna change. The presence of wild animals and the natural noises of the jungle can be appreciated all day and sometimes all night -depending on the season- so there is a potential of natural wild animal noise that can be annoying for some guests specially during rainy season. Be aware."

The hosts warn that those who are sensitive to high humidity may not want to book it, due to the climate in the jungle.

Each night costs from £231.75 plus a service fee and taxes over the duration of your stay.

Flights to Cancun currently cost from as low as £440 according to Google Flights – though this varies by day and time of year.

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